Quality is at the Origins.

Company Presentation.

CNCB – National Company of Codfish Trade, S.A. was founded in 2002, with its headquarters in the former premises of CRCB – Regulatory Commission of Codfish Trade, and is dedicated to the production and marketing of dried salted codfish.

With broad and well-equipped industrial facilities CNCB transforms and markets its products with the most rigorous quality control processes. Despite our relatively short existence we've already developed partnerships with leading companies in the food distribution sector.

CNCB ensures a final product of highest quality represented by its "Norte" trademark with one, and only, objective: Consumer satisfaction.

We rely on spacious and well equipped facilities to transform and preserve codfish so that consumers can choose from a variety of codfish parts that they enjoy the most, always with the guarantee of a superior quality, fresh cod, tasty and with all its natural nutritional properties.


  • Wet Salted cod
  • Dry Salted cod
  • Frozen Desalted cod
  • Cod Crumbs
  • Cod Faces
  • Cod Tongues
  • Cod Kwings